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Credit Union West Education Center

Knowledge is the key to sound money management. At Credit Union West, we want you to maximize your hard-earned money by making good financial decisions.

Through our Education Center, you can access the information and tools you need to improve your life.

BudgetSmart To Gain Control

This downloadable household budget software is free to Credit Union West members and allows you to take control of your finances.

  • Determine how you want to spend your income
  • Track how you actually spend your income
  • Learn how to adjust areas where you overspend
  • Determine how a major purchase or change in income would affect your budget

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CheckRight Gets You Started

If you’re opening a checking account for the first time or you need help handling an account, CheckRight is a valuable web-based tutorial that’s free to use for Credit Union West members. Learn at your own pace and test your knowledge with a quiz.

  • Open an account and reconcile the account
  • Write checks and make deposits
  • Maintain a check register
  • Create a spending plan

Credit Union West provides the resources you need when it comes to financial education and protection.

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Youth Financial Education

Teaching the younger generation about financial matters early is important. Get educational resources for kids and teens by clicking here.