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Contactless Cards

Now you can swipe, insert, tap, or wave your card to make purchases.

Tap and Go for Fast and Secure Checkout!

Our debit and credit cards now feature a contactless payment option for simple and secure transactions. Once activated, just tap or hover your debit or credit card above the contactless symbol at checkout to process your payment. PINs and signatures are not needed at most merchants for contactless payments. It’s just tap and go!

Contactless FAQ

How to Make a Contactless Payment

Step 1

Look for the contactless symbol  at the checkout terminal.

Step 2

Simply tap, wave, or hover your card over the symbol to make your payment.

Step 3

You'll see an "Approved" confirmation once your payment is complete. 

For payment terminals that are not contactless enabled, you can still swipe your card or insert the chip into the card reader to complete a transaction as an alternative payment method.

Refreshed Card Designs

Introducing our newest card designs! In addition to the added convenience of contactless payments, Credit Union West cards will feature six sleek designs. You'll find your name, card number, and expiration date on the back of your card for added security, to keep your information out of sight and protected.

Consumer Debit Mastercard Consumer Debit Jet Mastercard Business Debit Mastercard
World Rewards Mastercard Platinum Preferred Mastercard Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

ATM Card
*Not contactless

For Your

Fast Transactions 

Contactless payments are completed faster than traditional card payments that typically require extra steps and verification methods.

Added Security

Contactless cards have built-in security features such as transaction limits and authentication requirements.

Ease of Use

With a simple tap of your card on a compatible payment terminal, you can quickly complete a contactless transaction.

Reduced Contact

Contactless payments reduce the need for physical contact with payment terminals, which can help limit the spread of germs.


Get Instant Answers

Contactless credit and debit cards let you make purchases by tapping, waving, or holding your card over a compatible contactless payment terminal. These cards are one of the most secure ways to pay because they generate a unique code for each transaction that is never reused and can only be read by the card processor.

To know if you have a contactless card, look for the contactless symbol on your card:

To know if you can use the contactless payment option at a payment terminal, look for the contactless payment accepting symbol on the terminal:

Contactless is not currently available for Credit Union West ATM cards.
Instead of swiping or inserting your chip into the card reader, tap or hover your card less than two inches over the payment terminal where you see the contactless payment accepting symbol:

Most merchants do not require a PIN or signature so the payment process is quicker than cash or inserting your card. The terminals will not double charge if you hold it there longer than needed.

Your Credit Union West contactless card still has an EMV chip and magnetic stripe in case you would like to use a payment terminal that is not contactless enabled. Contactless payment is not required and you can swipe or insert your card to complete a transaction as an alternative payment option.

Not automatically. You will need to set a PIN when activating your new card. Keep in mind that you must call the card activation number at 833.681.3475 from the phone number that’s associated with your account to successfully activate your card.

If you set up autopay, subscriptions, or any kind of recurring payment you will need to update the merchant with your new card's expiration date to avoid any service interruption or failed payment.

If you added your Credit Union West card to your mobile device’s Mobile Wallet, you may be prompted to update your card's expiration date or re-add your card details after your new card is activated.

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