Pay Online

Pay Online

Make loan payments quickly and easily online. 

  • Make online loan payments for free
  • Pay from your checking account
  • Payments made before 5:00 pm (MST) process the same day
  • Payments made after 5:00 pm (MST) process the next business day


If you prefer to pay by phone using a credit/debit card, please contact us at 1.800.621.0287
and select option 3 to make your payment through the automated phone system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum payment amount I can make?
A: You can make a payment up to $2,500.00.


Q: How can I cancel a payment that was recently created?
A: You do not have the ability to cancel your own transactions. Our Member Service Call Center will have the ability to cancel/delete a payment if it is cancelled on the same day the payment was made or prior.


Q: Who can register?
A: Registration is only accepted with the primary member’s information (no joint member payments at this time). You can pay using the express payment option.


Q: Is there a payment cutoff time?
A: Yes, payments made to your loan after 5:00 PM MST will be posted to your account the following business day.


Q: How do I get loan payment confirmation?
A: A confirmation email will be sent to you.


Q: Can I payoff my loan using Web Pay?
A: Do not use Web Pay to pay off your loan, this can cause a payoff shortage and may cause a delay in the release of your title, if applicable.


Q: What if a payment is returned?
A: Returned payments are subject to the Non-Sufficient Fund Fees/ACH. Please see Credit Union West’s Fee Schedule for more information.


Q: What if I need help resetting my password?
A: Please select “Forgot your password?” under the login page.


Q: Can I make a payment by Credit Card?
A: If you would like to pay using a credit or debit card please contact us at 1.800.621.0287; a $15 Representative Loan Payment fee will apply.


Q: I can log in, but I cannot make a payment.
A: If you can log in but cannot make a payment it means you do not have any eligible loans to make payments on.


Q: How many days can I postdate/future date a payment?
A: You can make a payment up to 30 days in advance.


Q: What if my user ID is locked?
A: Please contact us at 1.800.621.0287 for assistance in unlocking your account.


Q: I am trying to register for the first time and I get a message that says my account is unavailable for 24 hours. How do I resolve this?
A: This error will result if you provide incorrect responses to the validation questions. After 24 hours, you may attempt registration again by providing correct responses. You can contact us at 1.800.621.0287 to initiate a payment, if required. A $15 Representative Loan Payment fee may apply.


Q: I can’t complete my registration?
A: You may not have provided the correct answer or the correct format of the answer. For example: if MM/DD/YYYY is required and you enter M-D-YYYY this will error because of the number of characters in the month and day. Additionally, dashes are used when slashes are required.


Q: What do I do if I forget my user ID?
A: You will need to re-register and choose a new username.