Official Family & Executive Staff

About Credit Union West Arizona

Every credit union member has an equal vote in the election of our Board of Directors. And every board member serves as a volunteer without pay. We are fortunate to have the following people donating their time for our benefit:

Board of Directors 

Chair - Luis Gendreau
Vice Chair - Raymond Boucher
Directors - James Cronk, Sandra Lagesse, Edward Logan, Gary Larberg, John Schurgard

Supervisory Committee 

Chair - Frances Laguna
Vice Chair - Ahmad Pardazi
Member - Terry Burks

Our executive staff works closely with the Board on short and long-range planning, while overseeing daily operations:

Executive Staff 

Robert W. MacGregor, President, Chief Executive Officer 
Karen Roch, Executive Vice President
Bob Birr, VP, Chief Lending Officer
Pamela Chan, VP, Chief Financial Officer
Diana Cruz, VP, Enterprise Risk Management
Scott Grundy, VP, Chief Information Officer
Yvonne Ross, VP, Human Resources and Development
Allan Switalski, VP, Marketing
Debbie Winter, VP, Branches