Official Family & Executive Staff

About Credit Union West Arizona

Every credit union member has an equal vote in the election of our Board of Directors. And every board member serves as a volunteer without pay. We are fortunate to have the following people donating their time for our benefit:

Board of Directors 

Chair - John Schurgard
Vice Chair - Beverly Gately 
Directors - Raymond Boucher, James Cronk, Luis Gendreau, Sandra Lagesse, Larry Schwartz
Associate Board Member - Paul Stratman

Supervisory Committee 

Chair - Frances Laguna
Vice Chair - Ahmad Pardazi
Secretary - Cami MacDonald

Our executive staff works closely with the Board on short and long-range planning, while overseeing daily operations:

Executive Staff 

Robert W. MacGregor, President/Chief Executive Officer 
Karen Roch, Executive Vice President
David W. Smith, SVP/Chief General Counsel 
Bob Birr, VP/Chief Lending Officer
Pamela Chan, VP/Chief Financial Officer
Diana Cruz, VP, Enterprise Risk Management
Scott Grundy, VP/Chief Information Officer
Yvonne Ross, VP of Human Resources and Development
Allan Switalski, VP, Marketing
Debbie Winter, VP of Branches