Secure your savings with a Certificate.
​No risk, hoops or games. All earning. 

Get more from your money with a fixed interest rate savings certificate.

We offer certificates that allow you to grow your earnings at various term lengths with a guaranteed return. 

Our New 36-month Certificate features a consistent rate across balance tiers. Typical certificate terms offer lower returns on smaller balances, but with the 36-month certificate, you can count on a consistent return rate regardless of how much you put in.

Deposit APY*  
 36 Months     $500-$9,999    1.31%   
 36 MONTHS     $10,000-$49,999    1.31%  
 36 MONTHS     $50,000+    1.31%  


  *APY = ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE. Any fees incurred could reduce the earnings on the account. Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawal of certificate.