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Supporting Troops Serving Overseas

Cell Phones for Soldiers As a community, much gratitude is owed to our active military and veteran neighbors for securing our nation and allowing us to live free. Service members who are deployed overseas make an even greater sacrifice as they serve our nation away from the love and support of their families.

Cell Phones for Soldiers provides troops much-needed lifelines to the love and support of stateside family and friends. Remaining socially connected to their community can help our service members remain emotionally healthy.

To contribute to this important cause, Credit Union West has partnered with Sun City West Computer Club to recycle donated cell phones in exchange for calling minutes. Each phone donated at a Credit Union West location equates to 100 calling minutes that are distributed to our overseas service members. 

In 2017, there were 587 phones donated by Credit Union West members and staff that were turned over to the computer club, equating to 58,700 donated calling minutes. Since the program began in 2010, 5,032 phones and more than half a million calling minutes have been donated.

“Credit Union West honors our military roots by giving back to active service members and veterans,” explains Bob MacGregor, President/CEO at Credit Union West. “We are proud of our military heritage and encourage our members and neighbors to pledge their support by donating out-of-date, unused cell phones to help military members stay connected to their families."

The public can help our deployed troops stay connected to family by donating their unused cell phones at any Credit Union Branch location.