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Do You Have Auto Incident Forgiveness?

Many of us have experienced that “not-so-good feeling” after having an accident or getting a speeding ticket. It’s never pleasant and the hassles that go along with it make you wish you had just stayed home that day. But what if you could turn back the clock on the incident and avoid the all too common premium hike?

The Safeco Rewind program, offered through Safeco Insurance, does just that. After qualifying, the program allows drivers to waive an existing accident, minor traffic violation or speeding ticket. How does it work? As an insured with Safeco, you would agree to plug in a Rewind device which records data measuring how well you drive for a four-month period. The device and program are an added bonus to the policy. There is no extra charge and it even comes with a postage-paid package to return the device after the evaluation period.

What data is collected? The Rewind device collects mileage, speed, acceleration, how fast you stop, time and date, location, as well as whether the device has been connected or disconnected from the vehicle. All of this is evaluated and if you qualify then your accident, violation or ticket is waived—like it never happened!

One Member's Experience
​Bob MacGregor is not only a member but he's the President/CEO of Credit Union West. This is his personal experience with Safeco's Rewind program.

In the not too distant past, Bob received a photo radar speeding ticket at 7 miles over the speed limit. “I just paid it and didn’t give it a second thought,” he said. It wasn’t until Bob went to renew his insurance policy and learned the ticket would increase his premium. That’s when he heard about the Rewind program offered by Safeco. He learned that if he would install a ‘tracking’ device on his car that would monitor his driving for 120 days his premium may not increase. He said he was skeptical at first. “I didn’t want ‘big brother’ watching my driving habits.” But due to the increase in the cost of renewing insurance, Bob decided to give the program a go.

On his very first day, he scored 111 points … which was not so good (an average score over 100 is failing). He explained that it was an eye opener when reviewing his driving habits that day and learned what had contributed to the score. “It drills down to specific events,” he said, “it shows when you increase speed from 1 to 25 miles in 1.5 seconds or stop too fast.” With that knowledge he quickly began to make changes and it didn’t take long for him to notice the benefits. “When you’re being tracked you want to succeed.” He was able to see which incidents added points to his score and made improvements in his driving. As his score came down so did his visits to the pump. “I made less frequent stops to gas up, the savings was tremendous!”

Tracking his driving on the online dashboard made a difference for the long run. He said after driving for 45 years he didn’t think that was possible. “I’m a believer!” he said. Bob was proud to finish the program with an average score of 8.48 and believes he’s learned a lot about himself.

Life Happens, Be Ready For It
As a member of Credit Union West, you have access to this and many other programs through First Line Insurance Services, Inc. This full service, licensed insurance agency provides a variety of commercial and personal products to fit your individual coverage needs. Whether you're seeking to save on rates or increase your coverage, First Line can help. You may even benefit yourself from the Rewind program. Click here or call 800.488.9838 to get started on a quote today.

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